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Nakita W.
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About Me

My interest in the field comes from a long line of my family members working in the health care industry. I just have a joy for being around my clients. My dream is to be a nurse one day and I'm getting my feet wet right now. I started with my Home Health Aide license and now I'm in a program to receive my Medical Assistant degree. I like making people feel good and I like taking care of them. I enjoy making them happy and comfortable. I'm a very zealous person, cheerful, and outgoing. I'm very constructive with everything that I do. When I'm not working, I like being outdoors. I like playing sports, especially tennis. I like to go to the gym and go for a walk. I also like spending time with my son and niece.


" Nakita is dedicated, reliable, and down to earth. My grandmother suffered a stoke recently and Nakita took care of her on the weekends for a year. She assisted her with all of her daily living needs, as well as grocery shopping and running errands. Nakita was absolutely wonderful with my grandmother. She is efficient, caring, and professional. I highly recommend her as a caregiver. "

- Subira F., New York

" Nakita is one of the students at the institute that I am currently assistant director of. I am happy to recommend her as she has been one of the most excellent members. To start, Nakita is incredibly hard working and respectful. She is always on time and has a warm, empathetic personality that I believe makes her the perfect candidate for a caregiving role. Even before beginning classes here, she stayed in constant communication with me, checking in periodically to make sure that her admissions requirements were in. This, to me, is the first sign of a responsible and self-motivated individual ready for a commitment. Nakita is particularly good at assisting her fellow peers when they are not grasping the material or have missed class notes. Overall, what stands out most about her is her ability to put all her effort into everything she does. Nakita is the type of person who put her best foot forward. Her instructor has nothing but positive things to say about her, and we are happy to have her here."

- Sadie S., Assistant Director MI Health Care Training Institute, New York

Work Experience

Private Patient
01/2015 - 01/2016

Private Patient
2011 - 2013

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Hoyer Lift
Brain Injury

Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide, Licensed

Medical Assistant, Student

Transportation to Job

Can drive: No
Public Transportation: No
Car: No


English (Fluent)